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RS Clubman   RS Triumph

Bat of top quality made from Grade A personally Selected willow very light pick-up thick shoulders and contoured edges, big profile, available in both oval and round Handles.   Selected grade English Willow Cricket Bat with high ridge design and shaped toe, very light pick-up, nicely balanced, available in both oval and round Handles as per demand, new improved graphics.

RS Tailor Made   RS Duke of Windsor


New innovative design Cricket Bat designed specially for the power players demanding a massive profile for superior hitting, an ideal product for the hard hitters, available in Oval or Round Handles as per demand, improved cosmetics.Weight Range 2.9lbs - 3lbs.
  Reasonably good grade grade bat with traditional shape, weight removed from the shoulders and splice and concentrated to the hitting area, very light pick up available in Oval or Round Handles as per demand. Weight Range 2.10lbs - 3lbs.

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