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We are manufacturing Footballs, Volley Balls form the day Robinson Sports was established at Sialkot in the year 1937, the beginning was with leather balls in 12 Panels,18 Panels Zig Zag and T shape from the vegetable tammed leather this continued till early sixties, The change at that time was very good the leather now was semi chromed and full chrome the new 32 Panels took over completly from "T" shape and 12 Panels and the blades for cutting the panels had also needles to provide holes and the result is all panels in the balls either 32 or 18 have uniform number of stitches this helped the balls to give good shape which is the main demand of the consumers

Now the trend in the international market changed and synthetics have taken over the leather which are giving better service in any types of playing conditions, the balls do not stretch and retain original shape.

We are at present manufacturing Footballs, volley Balls, Rugby balls, Net balls, Hand balls from PU, Synthetics, PVC and make small number of Footballs in leather which we had discontinued for some time the customers have again made us to manufacture.


RS Jaguar

32 or 18 panel ball made of PU leather in patent finish with 4 ply lining Complete with latex valve bladder in standard size and weight conforming to International specifications.



RS Recorder Star

Panels Ball made of Rubber synthetic with lining complete with latex Valve bladder in standard size and weight conforming to International Specification in glossy top finish.


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